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The Magic of Water

lonely Colorado highway with hovering clouds

Consolidated mist, having once been whipped into clouds by the sun and ocean, expresses as droplets from the perforation of a cliff. The maiden's hair and mossy tangles are such that they could be rung out.

As the percolation sinks downwards collecting and gathering more of it's self, shrubs and thick grasses hold the steep earth together and take a long drink. Filtering through roots, under and above the ground, trickling from crystal puddle to crystal puddle a unique spirit is born. Under the light of shaking green leaves the aqua is joined by another trickle and another, it has now graduated. Pouring, swirling, spraying, and rippling receiving from springs and other streams, a lively clear creek emerges.

Jones' Creek

It soon runs into something the likes of itself except not so clear and a volume times a few hundred. The clear water retains it's identity along the shore of it's mammoth relative until it is overwhelmed and torn to ribbons becoming part of the greater weave and warp of a current. Rolling and boiling, in a small way an echo of the water's ancient life as a sea is visible. The river rolls on. It will experience many grafts, changes and miles, before this liquid giant finds its end or beginning once again in the ocean.

Island Park

I’ve always had a fascination with water; perhaps from fear and respect for it’s mystery and power, especially in large quantities. I understood it’s essential place, it’s life giving nature and the continuing scarcity of the fresh kind. September of 2015 I had the great fortune to be introduced to multi-day river trips by a good friend and mentor. It wasn’t until this first overnight river experience that I did appreciate what profound effect water in the form of a river could have on me.

Green River

Sleeping on the bank above the current, I found myself floating in the dream river. For about a month following that, every night's dream was a lesson in water. I guess it’s not too shocking that something so essential keep bubbling up in my psyche.The first life known on this planet became animated within the waves and later more advanced life crawled onto the water’s shore. In Chinese medicine, water is the fundamental element and harbors one's essence. Jung thought that water in dreams was symbolic of the subconscious. It is in the nature of water to find the deepest place, it is dynamic, it is the universal solvent. Being the key ingredient for life, it follows that it would be considered sacred and so becoming the substance of many rituals.

Older than life, we each probably have some molecule of water that carried the blood of our first ancestors. The capacity of water to transfer information is beyond it's tendency to suspend substance in it.

The message in water is relayed in the echo, a picture that emanated from the source. Eventually this ripple will collide with another ripple and become a new image that did not forget it's origins.